Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making Vetch Happen

Joie Maxi (ebay)
Isabel Marant Sandals (ebay)
Free People Bag (christmas gift, 2014)

Simple outfit, just a maxi dress, sandals and a bag but I loved it. I've talked about how much I like he Joie brand but it's worth saying again. The silks used are usually really high quality, the cotton is soft and I love the silhouettes and prints used for the clothes. I also really like that I can find it second hand for really cheap! Ebay is a great resource for second hand Joie items and there's always a ton in the $10-$30 range, this dress was $20 with free shipping. Considering it retailed for almost $300, that's a great deal - mid tier designer for Old Navy prices.

For quite a few years I swore of strapless dresses because of grabby kid hands but now that they've moved past that age I have a few I've bought in the past two years. I do usually wear them as skirts and that's probably something I'll do with this dress as well.

The Irises are really in full bloom now, they are so pretty! In the last photo you can see the Irises have a small vine with fern like leaves coiling up them, that's Vetch, an extremely invasive species that was introduced to Fairbanks by UAF as possible food for the Reindeer herd. turns out it's not very good for Reindeer to eat and it's really taken over the local plant species. It's choked out several fields by UAF and has spread pretty far out in a just a few years. It poses a large danger to horses and other livestock, it's not only not good to eat but the vines are so thick and strong that they will catch the legs of animals and trip them, causing broken bones.

Speaking of animals, if you've read Alaskan Weredork for a while then you know all about Dakota's joy of photo bombs and making faces. Today, she eats flowers.

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