Friday, June 10, 2016

Don't Get It

AEO Straw Hat
Free People Necklace, Shoes and Bag(ebay)
Target Maxi (thrifted)

I really like the simple cut of this dress, it's very plain but perfection and it falls really nicely. The fabric is also soft and not scratchy and the seams are pretty good - all things I try to look t before buying thigs, especially from the thrift store. We don't have Target in Fairbanks and I've only been in one 3 times (am I even an American with this statement?) and never really quite got the appeal. I do really like this maxi however, maxis being my summer staple and all and I did get the really cut crochet bag last summer during a pit stop in Wasilla. (But wow, Target sure has a lame book selection.)

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