Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beach Days

Joie Silk Top (ebay)
Old Navy Shorts and Sandals
Free People Bag (ebay)

Apparently I have competely forgotten how to deal with bright sunlight, so many light arcs! Ugh and now I realize I should have just turned the camera a little and that would have helped a ton. I think the next camera accessory I buy might be a hood, that would be a huge help for taking pictures during the summer and probably during the winter. (All of the sunlight bouncing off the snow, that's a little bit of a challenge!)

This was another beach day outfit, pretty casual. I know I talk smack about Old Navy but after doing a closet clean out this past weekend, I realized that some of my really soild basics are ON and it made me remeber that at the beggining of my blog almost all of my clothes were ON or thrifted. I remeber feeling a bit unhappy when another blogger was talking about how awful Old Navy's clothes were and thinking hey, that's were almost all of my closet comes from, they're awesome! And you know what, ON isn't bad. I only buy a few things from them every year, usually tank tops because they make great tank tops but almost all of my kids' stuff comes from there. (The kid clothes are so cute and my kids are kinda picky about soft shirts and what their jeans look like. I tried to buy my daughter some bell bottom jeans eariler this year and she just looked at me, " MOM, my legs will get wet. Jeans are suppose to be short, how do you tuck these into boots?!" She's only six...) Anyways, to get back on track, while I don't buy my wardrobe at ON now or even most of my stuff, I do really like the few things I have because they've held up and have been really versatile.

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  1. This is a nice casual summer outfit. I think the light arcs give these photos a neat look :)


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