Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Tale Of A Dork And A Wall

Valentino Sunglasses (gift, consignment)
Winter Kate Top (ebay)
Old Navy Skirt
Free People Bag(ebay) and Sandals(ebay)

Taking pictures in front of a cool mural is like a blogger rite of passage, much like pictures in front of white wall, train tracks or with Starbucks. I decided to finally get with the game, be cool and find a painted wall!

Of course, I found this. There was some shade during the noon sun and the playground is right here for the kids, it was a mater of convenience.   We'll just overlook my super un-coolness. (Unlike fellow Fairbanks blogger Lousia who takes pictures in front of all the beautiful murals downtown and makes it all look so good. She's way more awesome and you should go admire all of her pretty pictures and killer style.)

Wall aside, I loved this outfit. I've always worn this jacket/tunic open so this way my first time wearing it as just a top and I love how it looks this way. I bought this Old Navy maxi last summer, it's a super cute summer skirt and is pretty good quality for being ON.

Wait, maybe I can save this....

Nope, still super uncool.  At least my hair was decent this day!

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  1. What a fun mural! I haven't yet taken photos in front of a mural, usually they are in crowded areas and I can't quite bring myself to take outfit photos in public.. I love your top!


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