Saturday, May 21, 2016

Late Night

Denim Jacket (thrifted)
H&M Maxi (ebay)
Free People Sandals

You'll have to excuse my face, these pictures were taken at almost 11pm and I looked pretty atrocious  by that point. But I was outside with the camera because we'd spotted our first ever swan in the pond(!) and I really wanted to get a pictures of it. There's a pair of sand hill cranes that stop by every year along with some geese and ducks that spend the summer in the ponds so it's really exciting to potentially have swans. It's a busy little pond with the muskrats and duck families and with the moose, weasels, rabbits, foxes, coyotes and lynx that hang around, it ends up being a lot of fun just to sit on the porch and watch the wildlife that passed usually only a few feet away. (Apparently my fear of going to the woodshed in the dark is not completely unfounded - the land behind is a pass through zone for wolves. Wolves are super scary, I'd really rather deal with a bear.)

Anyways, we were outside and I liked my outfit for the day but had been to busy to take pictures earlier. I asked Ev to snap a few shots which he very sweet did. It's not a super exciting outfit, the denim jacket with a maxi is my usual summer uniform but I love each item so it's fun just to wear them all at once.

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