Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lace Them Up

UO Hat
F21 Jacket (thrifted)
Target Dress (thrifted)
Free People Bag (ebay) and Sandals
AEO Sunglasses

I know people either love or hate gladiators sandals but I'm pretty firmly in the camp of loving them. That just makes sense, knowing my boho tendencies but I really like pairs like this which have a little bit of an Amazon warrior look to them. (I love the backs of these!) Gladiators can look super sloppy if they don't fit correctly, I know I've seen so many adds where the sandals are too bit for the model and they slid down, but with the right outfit they can look so cool. Mine have finally started breaking in so they don't take nearly as long to put on now, the laces have softened up and stay put so I can usually just zip them up with an adjustment or two to the laces. (This is great because in the beginning, they took SO long to put on!)


  1. very nice outfit..i like your lace up shoes

  2. The golden light in these pictures are beautiful!


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