Monday, May 16, 2016

Comfort Is Pockets And Clogs

F21 Hat
Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tank (thrifted)
AEO Pants (consignment)
Free People Clogs (ebay) and Bag (ebay)

It's the harem pants again! I wasn't joking when I said I like them, they really are fun to wear, even if they aren't flattering in the slightest.  In fact, they might be everything "how to dress" articles tell short people to avoid - pleats, large prints, cropped, wide legs, it's a travesty!  I will say that after wearing them a few times I did not enjoy the elastic at the ankles and how it affected the fit so I snipped a small hole and cut the elastic out and sewed the hole closed. I like them so much more now, they drape a little better and now have a great cropped silhouette going on. I really like how cropped joggers and elastic hems look on some people but man, they just really don't do much for me.
My Free People clog sandals are back out again.  I about wore them into the ground last summer and after having a winter to take a break for them, I found I still love them and how they balance out my outfits. Plus, SO COMFY.  Happy feet, happy life or something along those lines.

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