Saturday, May 7, 2016

Big Fat Phony

Uo Hat
AEO Denim Jacket (2013)
Rick Owens Lilies Dress (thrifted)
Winter Kate Sandals (Actually, I think they're her other line House of Harlow but they were listed under Winter Kate - ebay)
Cleobella Bag

I'm a phony - I've mocked this way of wearing a jacket because it makes zero sense but you know what makes less sense? NOT PUTTING ON BUG DOPE, BAD MOVE KATIE. I took the jacket off for a snap to show the one should strap on the dress and the bugs attacked. I tried to rush and just threw the jacket one over the protect from the biting but hey, it takes time to put your arms in the holes and that was precious time indeed! 

Other than that, this outfit is an odd one. I loved wearing it and felt super awesome in it. It was comfy and easy but it really doesn't photograph very well. (That or my mirror is lying in saying that the proportions worked because they looked great before but now....)

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  1. Tehehe, I totally understand your thoughts on this trend. Seriously, wearing a jacket on your shoulders makes no sense...but I've totally caved to it as well xD
    Loving the one shoulder design on this dress, although those bugs sound vicious! Aha don't forget your bug spray :P

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