Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Day

UO Hat
AEO Jacket
Gap Maxi (thrifted)
Free People Belt, Heels and Bag(ebay)
Valentino Glasses (gift - consignment)

Another day, another black maxi. Maybe make that another day, another denim jacket! I bought this denim jakcet from American Eagle back in 2013 and it's been an amazing jacket. I wear it a ton during the summers and it still has very little wear and tear and hey, how cool is the embroidery on the back? Pretty cool! A huge trend right now is to stick pins on your denim jacket which is pretty cute. (Warning, I've seen some do it with leather jacket and please, don't do it. It will make marks and holes in your jacket that will never go away - a denim jacket isokay becuase it's a woven material but once a hole is in leather or vegan leather, it's there for life.)

Weekly photo bomb, I was taking pictures and then this happened:
Thanks Pork, thanks a lot. (And a blurry Odin the corgi whom you can only see a small portion of.  He was having a great time sitting right in front of the camera, completely out of focus.)


  1. I really like the back pattern on this denim jacket! How cold is it in Alaska in May? Looks a bit chilly, but I see that you have a pic without your denim jacket on, so I'm not sure. hehe. Stay warm! Hope you can stop on by my bloggie too- I just posted. :)

    Ethical Fashion + Faith

  2. LOL your dogs though xD
    Always trying to steal the spotlight from ya - which is hard to do when you're wearing such killer shoes! Love these fringes <3

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  3. That belt is gorgeous! The black dress really highlights your accessories. And you pull off all that fringe so effortlessly!

  4. Lovely outfit! Those shoes are great!


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