Saturday, April 30, 2016

This Old Jacket

French Connection Jacket
Old Navy Tank
Levi Shorts (thrifted)
Ecote Bag
Free People Sandals (ebay)

Uuuugh, I always forget how much this blouse wrinkles by the end of the day. I like it because the higher neckline makes it a cute summer work shirt (under a light cardigan) but it wrinkles so easily that it ends up looking really sloppy. I do love this jacket so much, it was something I spent a long time hunting down and for this being the 3rd summer I've worn it, it's in great shape, only a few beads have fallen off so far. I do wish again I hadn't worn this blouse, the neckline just doesn't quite work with the jacket.

I did finally swap out bags, I'm terrible about putting my stuff into one bag and then carrying it for a few weeks. I know that gets a little monotonous for pictures but hey, at least it means I really like my bags. :)

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