Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sneak Attack

AEO Hat and High Rise Jeans
Anthropologie Cardigan (consignment) and Bag (birthday gift)
Winter Kate Dress (worn as a top - ebay)
Birks (consignment)

Time to break out the birks guys. :) I'm on my third year of year on these and they're still holding up well. I'm pretty careful about what sandals I buys these days, I did buy some Old Navy sandals last year and even though the sandals are still in good shape after a lot of wear, there's nothing to the sole and they'd kill my feet at the end of the day, something I've never had with birks. Now, it really depends if you like the look of big, chunky sandals but I really prefer how visually heavy footwear looks (and feels) so I'm pretty into them - I might have even bought a pair of silver ones with my tips money from April. (I did and they are AMAZING, zero break in time on those.)

If you've read for a while you've seen my main photo bomber, Dakota, fairly often. She's gotten away from outright photo bombs, eating my place markers and knocking over the tripod to making silly faces.
Sneaky. At least she's not licking herself this time.

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  1. Lovely photos! I had some Birkenstocks years ago and they lasted ages!


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