Friday, April 8, 2016

Casual Work Boho Outfit

Muubaa Leather Jacket (ebay)
Winter Kate Blouse (ebay)
J.Brand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Leather Belt (thrifted) Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)
Sandgrens Clog Boots c/o Sandgrens

.....heavy emphasis on the word "casual"!

I love the bohemian, festival look as you might have guessed if you've read this blog a bit. However, while I do really like the over the top looks, it's not always practical or appropriate for every situation.  My work is pretty low key and while I don't even have a dress code (I could probably come to work in pjs if  I wanted to) I do try to dress nicely and appropriate to what I'm doing.  This day I was doing a lot of customer facing work so this was how I was able to do a low key boho look in a casual work space. (Again, my work is casual but this is something I could have also worn at almost all of my jobs in the past - I'm not really sure what that says about me.)  
This jacket has a super cool rough, beaten in look to it and I really like how it works with both pretty maxi skirts and a little more toned down outfits like this blouse and jeans. It has a bit of an AllSaints look to it with the sharp shoulders and the tailoring in the back. This was aside from the jacket, a fairly lazy outfit, just a blouse and some jeans but the items them sleeves are a little more interesting than just a tee and jeans. The blouse is as easy as a tee but with the embroidery it has a lot of character and the jeans are my favorite, the good old J.Brand Maria high rise. The boots are super comfortable to run around in and with the transitional weather, are pretty practical with all of the slush. The bag again has some character with the beading and everything adds up to an interesting but not in your face outfit because of the muted colors -everything is black, brown and beige-y.  If everything was super bright it might not come across as quite professional enough for a casual workplace but again, it depends on the casual-ness of the dress code.  Like if flip flops are appropriate footwear at your wok place, this might be too formal and likewise, if jeans
are not okay at work, a pair of ankle slacks with a global patterented blouse would be a step up from this. (Or even better, high rise, wide leg pants with the blouse, that would be crazy cute.)

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  1. This is a super cute look! It's good to have casual days every now and then :)


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