Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shades of Blue

UO Hat
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay)
Flynn Sky Dress via Free People (ebay)
Rag and Bone Heels (thrifted)
Free People Bag (Christmas gift)

Yeah, look at me keeping up on the blog! (And by that, I mean too lazy to get into town to update on schedule...) I mentioned last week that this is a crazy month for me and to heap onto that pile, I agreed to do punch list for several apartments and fix up a cabin for a rental. I didn't do a very good job at staying on top of taking pictures this week buuuut I got a few in so...yeah. I'm going to be a happy camper when March is over but tomorrow we're going to head out to the hot springs after work and ahhhhhh, it's gonna feel so. good.

I work this dress a little last fall when I bought it and then put it away for winter but with how warm it's been, I pulled it out of the winter box. It's such a pretty dress and was one I'd been watching for a long time before it went on sale, missed out on it, it restocked, missed out on it again and then, it showed up on ebay for way less than the sale price. Haha, sometimes it does pay to wait but that can be a dangerous game if it's something you really like!

Apparently round sunglasses are suppose to be even more of a popular shape this year than they were last year.  Personally, that's awesome because my face is really square and round glasses seem to work out pretty well for me. (I also just like the style so...yeah.)  I said last year if I could take care of my last pair I could buy a nice pair of shades this year and that is not going to happen - I broke the other pair last month and the sun has been so bad on my drive that sunglasses were a serious need.  I bought these and the next day sat on them. This is why Katie can't have nice sunglasses.

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  1. every morning, before going to work I watch Ice Road Truckers and think - wow, that's where Katie lives! just a fun fact for you :D anyway, the (summery/romantic) dress looks really cool next to the snowy backdrop and you're right - those sunnies do look fabulous on you!

    Maiken - Part of me


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