Saturday, March 26, 2016

Overly Optimistic

UO Hat
Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (ebay) and Skirt (ebay)
Joie Silk Blouse (consignment)
B.Marwosky Bag (consignment, old)
Free People shoes

I might have been a little too optimistic with my shoe choice this day. It had been really warm outside, in the 50sf (Yay!) but the temp dropped a little and my toes froze. It's not quite time for open shoes, no matter what all of those people in flip-flops keep telling me - that or I really wimped out this year.

This is the skirt I bought a little while ago. The print is really beautiful, a sort of water-color water/glacier print and it's the same still as my other asymmetrical skirt with the long tail but this day I chose to tie the tail up and wear it as a short skirt. I like the lines but again, I felt a little chilly so it might have been a better idea to go with the long skirt. I do really love how the lines of the skirt work with the lines of the jacket, I don't think I've worn the jacket with the cowl neck zipped up before. It looks pretty nifty! These Free People shoes I've had for a long time but didn't really wear because I felt like they didn't "fit" with the overall look of my wardrobe at the time. I am glad I didn't sell them because I like how the work with a lot of my HL/All Saints stuff, I just need to wait until it's a little bit warmer to break them back out again. 

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  1. I am always a little too eager to let my toes out for the first time of the year. I went and wore flip flops in early February and I thought my feet were going to fall off! This skirt is really pretty :)


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