Friday, March 11, 2016

No Name



UO Hat
Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (consignment)
Scarf (made myself)
AEO Tank
Free People Skirt (ebay) and Necklace (ebay)
Vince Camuto Boots (consignment)
Cleobella Bag

Sorry about all of the goofy faces , the wind was blowing so hard and my allergies are in full force so the derp faces are out in full force this week. Ugh. At least I have been getting a ton of wear out of this scarf I made, it was a pretty simple job. (Bought a ton of fleece, cut into long sections, snipped stripes in the ends and tied them together - it's about as easy as it comes.)

We finished up the first season of Fargo last week and are about half way through the second season so far. Oooooh, if you haven't watched either season, you need to. Billy Bob is terrifying in the first season - those last few moments I swear I thought he was a vampire and was going to jump back up again, his eyes were so scary! And the second season is just as good, Mike Mulligan completely steals the show. (I wish Bokeem Woodbine did audio books, that voice!) 


  1. Never thought an all black outfit could look so good!

  2. So pretty! My allergies have just kicked in, really takes the fun out of being outside -_-


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