Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Budget

Rick Owens Lilies Dress (Thrifted) - $9.99
Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans (thrifted) - $6.49
Vince Cowl Sweater (thrifted) - $3.49 (not pictured)
Anthropologie Embroidered Sweater (thrifted) - $3.49
Isabel Marant Runway Black Silk Maxi Skirt (thrifted) - $9.99
Isabel Marant Runway Black Dress (thrifted) - $4.99 (not pictured)
Rag and Bone Black Heels in black (thrifted) - $4.99
A1 Designs Black midi Skirt (thrifted) - $3.49 (not pictured)
Target Black Maxi Dress (thrifted) - $4.99

Vince Camuto Pony Hair/Leather Boots (consignment) - $12.00
Frye Wedge Clogs in Green (consignment) - $36.00 paid with consignment credit - total price $0
Gap Black Maxi Dress (consigment) - $12.00 paid with credit - total price $0

Helmut Lang Twist Midi Skirt Water Print (ebay) - $19.99 + free shipping

Total : $83.90

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This was a low spending month for me (although not in terms of quantity, yikes, I did not realize it was that many items!) but maaaaan, I got some good stuff guys. I'd been going through a dry spell thrifting but I really hit the jackpot this past month. That Rick Owens dress was a major part of my 20x21 capsule challenge and it's still one of my favorite dresses. Because I was doing the capsule challange you haven't seen any of these items aside from the RO dress in action and part of that was so I had some things I was really looking forward to at the end. I wore my Isabel Marant skirt today and ugh, it's so beautiful. The two black maxis, Gap and Target, sort of surpised me, they're very plain but drape nice on the body. (The material is nice and heavy, good stiching along the semas, I think they will work out great.) The A1 Design skirt surprised me, it looked great one and it says made in the USA on the tag. I got home and did a little research and realized it retails for $19.99 at our local Urban Vibe store, lol. Can't win them all but it still looks good and the jersy fabric feels really nice - it's a tighter midi and I've wanted to branch out of my normal silhouettes and try some new things and this fits the bill.

The clog wedges and the Vince boots were sort of gifts from Ev but I choose to add them into my budget. A large part of not spending too much on clothes this was was because I made one really large purchuse - our 9th anniversry was on the 14th and I'd been saving up to buy a Movado watch for Ev. It ate up all of my money for this month but I'm so happy, the watch is beautiful and he's been working so hard this past year I really wanted to surpise him with a nice watch as a thank you for all of that. He's been looking at these for the past 9, 8 years and has worn the same G-shock since before I met him and I'm just so excited he likes his watch, it looks very handsome on him. (I love you honey!)

And because I've been a little lazy, here's my OOTD pictures of the new Isabel Marant maxi.

Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment)
DKNYC Cardigan (thrifted)
Old Navy Tank
Isabel Marant Skirt (thrifted)
DV Boots (ebay)


  1. Do you do all of your thrifting and consignment shopping in town, or do you do a lot of it online? I'm amazed by some of the incredible pieces you find thrifting. I've found a handful of decent items in thrift stores, but there's always a ton of poor quality stuff to sort through in order to find it. Those Paige jeans and that water print skirt are amazing!

    1. All of my thrift items are from our local Value Village and we have an awesome consigment shop in town, Fireweed Consigment - aside from those I use ebay a ton. (I do try to mark if something is thrifted, consigment or ebay because I feel that's a big differance, even if it is all second hand.) It was a unusual month for thrifting, I can normally find a few cute, nicer items that are my size and style but this month was just crazy! Thrifting can be frustrating, I know for years I felt like all I would find was older stuff that really wasn't me but with online shopping becoming bigger in my town, I feel like it's been better pickings at the thrift store.

  2. Dang! Do Alaskans just toss out designer items left and right? Where do you shop?

    That Helmut Lang water print skirt is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the rest of these in action.

    1. Hah! It was a crazy month, I do not normally find this great of stuff! Designer jeans are something I find almost every time I go to Value Village, there's always a ton of 7fam, Coh, J.Brand, Hudson, Paige and more - for me it's always a question if it's a good rise or even fits correctly. :P (Our consignment shop is amazing, so many nice things...)

  3. Outstanding finds! When I first checked out your capsule, I didn't expect to like the Anthropologie sweater as much as I do now ... it's such a fun piece and you've styled it beautifully. That skirt is gorgeous and I like how the tank's print adds a lot of interest while keeping the spotlight on the skirt.


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