Friday, March 25, 2016

Blinded By The Light

H&M Cardigan (thrifted)
Slip Dress (thrifted)
Free People Bag (ebay)
Vince Camuto Boots (consignment)

A sort of plain outfit, aside from the bright, colorful bag there's not a lot going on here. Aaaaand now you know why I included the bag, giving away all of my secrets here today.

I do like this outfit, sometimes plain and simple is fun but now I wish I'd worn one of my kimonos, I didn't really use them very much this winter and now they're just hanging in the closet, waiting for summer. Or temps over 40, you know.

I do like having pockets on this cardigan, although I never use them for anything other than stuffing my hands into them for pictures.  It's the same with pocket on dresses and skirt, I love them but never really use them as pockets.What's the point of them if I don't use them?!  I don't know why, I use the pockets in my pants all of them times, or would, if manufacturers would start making real front pockets a thing again. Where else am I suppose to put my keys?!

And now we know why Katie loses her keys...


  1. Coming to Alaska in August, so of course I started my search with 'alaska fashion blogger.' Thanks for all your posts I'm going to dig through now!

  2. I'd totally love it if they starting making usable front pockets for pants. That would be life changing. Haha!


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