Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Bad Wind Is Blowing



Free People Kimono, Blouse (ebay) and Bag (ebay)
7FAMK Jeans (consignment)
Dolce Vita Boots (ebay)

It feels like it's been forever since I last wore my kimonos, it's fun to break them out again with the arrival of warm weather. I'm not totally sure I like this outfit with this kimono but it was breezy enough that I needed something and I felt like I should wear something besides my leather jacket. :)

I don't know if it's related to allergies but for the past month I have had the worst breakouts on my skin. You can see how bad it is thanks to my new Urban Decay concealer stick (a life changer!) but it's really awful and I just feel like shit about my skin right now. I haven't changed anything in my skin care routine which admittedly, isn't much - I use a anti breakout face washer and then moisturize and that's it but I feel like I need to do something because it's so awful. I've never had acne this bad! If you have dryer/sensitive skin, what do you do for breakouts? I realize I need to start an actual skin care routine but it's a bit overwhelming, especially once you start reading about all of the Korean products! (There. Is. So. Many.)

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  1. katie, that blouse is divine & i like it with the kimono. nice hippie bag too. i use %10 benzoyl peroxide acne treatment gel, you can get it at any drugstore. i also use biore ice fighting cleanser, & a pro-retinol, multi-vitamin moisturizer with spf 15, this is what works on my very sensitive, you know i'm allergic to everything, skin. some people say that avoiding dairy works to clear break-outs too. you just gotta figure out what works best for you.


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