Wednesday, February 10, 2016

20x21 Day 3

Fred Meyer Hat, Mittens and Scarf /Topshop Coat (thrifted) / Free People Bag (ebay)

Helmut Lang Jacket (ebay)
Anne Klein Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Old Navy Long Sleeve Shirt
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Sandgrens Manhattan Clogs c/o Sandgrens

Okay, should have worn the Sorrels today, my feet FROZE. Granted, it was my own fault, I shouldn't have been running around on top of the river in clog boots but it was so much prettier down there!  Priorities, right?
Sorry about the miserable faces guys, we'd just gotten over being sick when it came back with a vengeance.  I've really not been on top of things, we've just felt like garbage this whole week and the couch just felt so nice....

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  1. Ug, I battled a cold for a about a month straight right after Christmas, it's certainly no fun at all. Hope you are feeling back to normal real soon!


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