Wednesday, February 17, 2016

20x21 Day 10


AEO Hat / Cleobella Bag

Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (consignment)
DKNYC Cardigan (thrifted)
Free People Blouse (thrifted)
J.Brand "Maria" High Rise Jeans (ebay)
Sandgrens Manhattan Clog Boots c/o Sandgrens
These are not my best pictures ever. the dog had knocked my camera off the table and I'd been pretty sure the body's gotten broken. The screen was freaking out and stuttering like something from White Noise and at one point, I was pretty sure it was possessed. (Spoiler, it was not and it ended up being okay. I'm just a coward who should never watch horror movies, even bad ones! It's been years and it still freaks me to see tv static!)

The outfit is an okay one, I think it's not one of my favorite because my hair was not having a good day. The bangs are going through that wrong length phase and I'm trying to decided if I should cut them again or just let them grow out, right now they just won't behave.


  1. I hope your camera is okay! Mine was messed up for a while but then miraculously got better. (I wondered if it was possessed too!) It looks like it was a warm day in these photos, but maybe that's just the lighting.


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