Monday, February 8, 2016

20x21 Day 1

Wool Coat (gift, about 13 years old) / Fred Meyer Scarf / Coach Bag (consignment)

Helmut Lang Jacket (ebay)
Old Navy Long Sleeve
Rag and Bone Jeans (thrifted)
Sandgrens' Manhattan Clog Boots c/o Sandgrens

Starting off day 1 with a good outfit! I found these jeans at the thrift store back in September and then...they disappeared.  I tore our room apart looking for them but it was like they went off to the land of missing socks from the dryer. (A real place.)  A few days ago I was sorting through my box of summer clothes, shorts an tank tops and stuff that doesn't fly in winter and whaaat, there they were on the bottom of the box.  Huh.  I really like how these jeans fit and the color is a really pretty mulberry so they seemed like they would be great for the 20x21 challenge.  I needed a little color in there somewhere guys, just looking at the capsule items you would think I only work in black and very dark shades of gray.


  1. Girl the jeans looks good on you. I'm glad you finally found it! And you do work in bright colors, I looked at your pictures from 2013 and was almost blinded [joking] by the bright colors I saw :)



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