Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not The MVPs

AEO Scarf
Sheinside Coat (gift from Ev)
Anthropologie Dress (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Sam Eldman Boots (ebay)
Free People Bag (ebay)

I've been focusing on the MVPs of my closet lately but I need to remind myself to also wear the things I don't always reach for. I've been on a dark colors kick lately so it seemed like a good time to break this dress back out, it has a beautiful woven texture and when you are wearing a lot of dark colors, texture is a really great way to give some visual interest to an outfit. I know a lot of people do not like black and brown together but I personally love black with a warm brown, I think it can give an outfit a lot of depth and again, visual interest where if I'd worn my black belt and a pair of black boots, it would have been cute but predictable. (For me, haha!)
This coat was a gift from Ev a few years ago, he'd noticed I was looking at it and similar styles and bought it for me, it was a huge surprise and totally sweet of him's a little small. My shoulders measure about 14.4 inches across (I know this because I shop on ebay, measurements are SO important!) and this coat while a medium is about 14 inches across the shoulders. It goes on, but I really can't layer under it so I only break it out when the weather is warm. I do really love the style so I've kept it - I can't really say much to how it's held up because I really haven't worn it a ton. (It's a cute coat but there's no way I would order through those retailers, they take forever to ship, got our address wrong and are impossible to get refunds from. It's really an order at your own risk.) It is really sentimental to me because of all of the thought that went into it and I do always enjoy wearing it because of that.

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  1. I have serious skirt envy! You're so good and wearing them in the cold. I get hung up on the fact that I am home most of the day and shuffling kids around, so skirts never seem 'right.' You pull off the cold weather skirt look well.

    Warm brown or cognac is one of my favorite things to wear with black as well! I LOVE the contrast. Maybe the coat will stretch out a tad over time?


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