Monday, January 25, 2016

Lens Flair Like It's Photoshop 98

Fred Meyer Hat
Scarf (made by me)
F21 Jacket (thrifted)
DKNY Cardigan (thrifted)
Old Navy Old Sleeve Tee
J.Brand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Boots (thrifted)
Salvatore F. Bag (consignment) least I think it was 98, maybe it was 99?  That lens flair was the most over used tool ever!

Every now and then I think "I'd love to buy some nice over the knee boots" and then I kick myself back to reality. First, like I need more boots? Noooooo. Second, this style of boot is usually made with suede and while my suede ankle boots have done a decent job of holding up in the snow, the suede of this style of boot is usually very thin (for stretchiness) and I have a horrible feeling they would just get trashed. I also don't really wear these boots often enough to justify buying a nicer version! These are a faux suede and not a great fake suede at that but they are thicker and fairly durable - there's also a lot of room in the foot and ankle so I can wear some heavy Smartwool socks and keep my feet warm. I'm not sure that's something I would be able to do in a nicer pair so in this case, the cheap wins out over a more expensive pair.

I did love this outfit! This cardigan is surprisingly warm and I feel like I finally acclimated to the weather this winter. (normally I do that in September but for some reason I just could not get warm this winter, even though it's been warm.) It's a switch up from my normal fedora with this hat, in 2014 I bought this hat in the blue and this red version and Izzy and I swap which one we wear for the day. They've made for a great winter hat, especially for being under $10! Ev has a fur Mad Bomber hat and I'd say these have been comparable in warm, even for being synthetic materials. They're also just really cute.


  1. I love it when lens flare happens naturally! Such pretty photos. I love your bag :D

  2. What a gorgeous shoot! Love that hat.

    Cassandra from


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