Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just As Good

AEO Hat, Bag and Belt
Fred Meyer Poncho
Jacket (thrifted - no label)
Helmut Lang Hoodie (ebay)
Top (thrifted - no label)
J.Brand "Maria" Waxed Jeans (consignment)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

The kids and I have been sick this past week and for a day when I felt really awful, this actually was a pretty good outfit! It's really just jeans and hoodie under a jacket, but they fit well and are comfortable so they're second nature to reach for - just as good as fleece pants and an old cashmere sweater.

If you've read for a while you might remeber some years back when I saved up for a pair of waxed J.Brand jeans.   I was just starting to try to give up shopping at Old Navy (and their jeans were starting to go downhill) so rather than buy two "eh" pairs, I bought just one pair of nice jeans. Unfortunately, I didn't continue down that line of thought which is if you buy something nice, you need to take care of it if you want it to stay in one piece . D'oh! I put those poor jeans in the wash (hot water even!) and threw them in the dryer and they did not last.  I was really unhappy about it and felt like I'd gotten scamed, why pay more if it's not going to last?! But I missed the part where I need to change my bad washing habbits in order to keep them looking nice and that's something I've improved upon since then. I've had this new waxed pair of J.Brands almost a year now and they are still in great shape, the wax coating is still thick and shiny and the pants haven't lost their shape at all.  Why?   I started hand washing them with a very gentle soap in cold water and then only hang drying them. It's not time consuming, it takes me maybe a minute to wash one pair and then about a day to dry. I also don't wash them after every wear. This might seem gross but I don't wear them to split firewood, to the barn or to work so they don't really have a chance to get really dirty. (If you still think it's gross, look up the world of Raw denim. It's a sin to EVER wash it.) 

I destroyed my other jeans in only two months. These are still great after almost a year. That's a big difference. There's not really any point in buying nicer clothes if you don't take care of them, they'll still fall apart just as quickly as the cheap stuff.

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