Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Budget

Helmut Lang Dress (ebay) - $39.99 + free shipping
Helmut Lang Skirt (ebay) - $19.99 + free shipping
Helmut Lang Gray Leather Jacket (ebay) - $80 + free shipping (it was more but I offered a lower amount because it's had quite a few alterations and the seller ended up taking my offer.)
Free People Sweater (ebay) - $31.00 + free shipping

Eileen Fisher Vest (thrifted) - $2.99 (not pictured, it's a long, loose vest)
H&M Cardigan (thrifted) - $3.49
Sorrels Caribou (thrifted) - $12.49

Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (consignment) - $50, paid in consignment credit, $0 paid out

Total: $239.95 but paid $189.95
Sold $90 on ebay after fees, made $162 in tips = $252 Budget for month

This was a busier month than December. My budget is whatever money I can make from consigning/selling on ebay and then whatever I make in tips at work so it really varies every month. It was a slow month at work so I did not make a ton in tips but I did have better luck this month selling on ebay. The $90 is what I made after ebay took it's cut and it's the best I've ever done, I usually make maybe $20 - $40 a month from reselling on ebay so this was just a really great month. Offering free shipping seemed to really help but it did take a big chunk out of my earnings so I don't know if it's something I'll continue to do. I save all of my credit from consignment at the shop since I get 50% back rather than the 40% I'd get if I cashed out, it's nice to have that build up because then when I find amazing things, I don't have to actually pay any cash out!

I was really focused on what I wanted to round out my wardrobe and aside from the Eileen Fisher vest, everything was a thought out purchase. I've been looking for a pair of winter boots to replace my Boggs Farm boots which have lasted me 8 years of daily, hard wear and finally fell apart. These Sorrels are in excellent condition with little wear on the soles and for $12.49, it beats buying a new pair!

I love my Helmut Lang items, the dress is turning to a great staple and it really works nicely with all of my cardigans and jackets. The skirt was a great buy, I get a lot of wear out of my Free People black mini so it's nice to have another one to spread out the wear and tear. I was really excited about my jackets, the grey one is a little longer and has a asymmetrical hemline and the great stretchy arm panels - that's one of the best things about Helmut Lang jackets! I was really excited to find the black one at our local consignment shop, this past month there has been so many great coats there, tons of Burberry ones, but I've passed on all of them because they just weren't my style or a really great fit. Then tada, this one showed up and because I've been saving my credits, I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket.

The Free People sweater was one I'd been looking at for a long time, I really liked the drape and from all of the reviews, it seemed like it was worth the price. But you know me, I always like to try to find it for cheaper and after watching ebay for a few months, it finally popped up in my size and at a great price. So far I really love it, it's soft and drapes really nicely but the material is thin enough that it fits under some of my slimmer fit jacket with no problem.

I realized that that was a lot of black- aside from the boots and the vest, everything is so dark. I usually buy my basics in black because it's easy but I've been leaning towards all black outfits this past month. I usually dress in darker colors during the winter and lighter colors in the summer so it's not really anything out of the norm. (Hah, I probably just described most of the population.) I don't think February will be a big shopping month, I feel really good with what I have and I'm trying to focus on wearing and remixing everything, especially now that I have the few staple items I was missing.

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  1. I'm impressed with all of the Helmut Lang you managed to get for a song! I love the styles, but unfortunately I just don't do it justice (or it doesn't do me justice, one of the two). I'm liking the belted dress look you have going on there, I'm intrigued by the belt.

  2. I think you'll enjoy the Sorels. They appear to be one of the best winter boots out there for those of us living with 6+ months of winter

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