Friday, January 8, 2016

Call Me Velvet Thunder


UO Hat
Topshop Parka (thrifted)
Winter Kate Velvet Kimono (ebay)
Free People Dress (ebay) Bag (ebay) Necklace and Boots

Oh, the light came out really cool on these photos! They were taken about 12:30 so yeah, that's our late evening light apperently. It's so crazy when I get up into the hills and I can actually see the sun over the horizon, at home it hasn't quite started peeking back up over the trees yet.

I bought this slip dress a while back (two summers ago?) and it's been a useful piece in my wardrobe.  It looks cute layered with jeans, over or under other dresses or even with shorts. My favorite way is wearing it with kimonos and boots, it seems to drape really nicely with a kimono . It's just a great "blank space" sort of garment. 


  1. That's such beautiful sunlight! I love all your long flowey layers :D

  2. Your winter outfits are always just BAE! xD
    Lol seriously, another stunning outfit featuring that gorgeous Alaska setting and sunkissed lighting. Ugh, so perfect <3

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