Friday, January 22, 2016

Another Day Older

Fred Meyer Scarf
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Anne Klein Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Helmut Lang Skirt (ebay)
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (Christmas gift a few years ago)
Free People Clogs (ebay)

It's the glitter clogs again!

I go back and forth on this jacket a lot. I really liked it the last time I wore it but most of the time I feel like it looks really juvenile on me. It's a fairly plain cut jacket, it's just all of the studs that make it both cool and youngish looking at the same time to me. I've had it for about three years now so I've aged in the amount of time and I don't know if I just grew out of it. (Obviously I've aged, I'm not Dorian Grey or anything.)

I know when it comes to a lot of the stuff I had in my closet 6-3 years ago, not a lot of it has stayed and I think that's fairly typical. Most of us change quite a bit from 20-30 and our closets usually reflect that. When you're 20, cheap, fun clothes are the bomb because you probably don't have a ton of disposable cash.  When you're finally an adult and figured out who you are at around 30, you're fairly set in your lifestyle and have a good grasp on who you are, what your lifestyle and personal style are and what kind of clothes you like. Usually 30 year old have a little more disposable cash so they can afford to move away from places like F21 and to spend a little more on high quality of items. I know that personally I'm really happy that I only spent more money on practical items like my riding and outdoor gear and not stylish clothes because my tastes changed around a lot and that would have been a lot of money out the window! As it was, thank goodness for thrift stores, I was more intent on buying books in college so almost all of my shopping was done at the VV in Wasilla and then later on up here. Sears was a big score once I realized they had crazy clearance, I remember getting brand new shirts for something like 25 cents. (I paid for my school, car, insurance and housing so I didn't have money raining down.)
 I think this is also something that's typical for many Millennials, we have lower paying jobs and higher school loans than generations before and yeah, we'd like a new shirt so I understand why stores like F21 and H&M became so popular. But as the Millennials are hitting that 30 and older I think we're going to see a shift away from that and rather than stores like J.Crew and Gap regaining those sales (because whoa, where did the quality go?) but more people saving to buy "investment" pieces and supplementing with Target and Old Navy. I do think we've started to see a it of that already if the blog-o-sphere is to be believed with the rise of capsule wardrobes and conscious shopping. I think this is in part thanks to greater focus on sweatshops but also, people just got older and their lives and priorities changed which is normal.  

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  1. Those clogs are amazing!! I definitely see my style changing. I find myself wanting to buy a few pieces of good quality clothing than a whole hoard of cheaply made stuff.


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