Tuesday, January 12, 2016




Scarf (handmade)
Helmut Lang Coat, Hoodie and Skirt (all ebay)
Jones Cashmere Shirt (consignment)
Free People Boots and Bag (ebay)

Nothing like a fleece blanket to wrap around your face. This is almost literally that, it's the scarf that I chopped off from a large square of fleece, sewed some trim on and tada, face warmer! It's also so, so soft that I ended up making one for the kids as well, fleece scarves are about the best thing ever.  However, it's normally a little too warm to wear, I usually start wearing it when the temps do a big drop.  It was so nice over New Years, 40 plus degrees and it made for a really fun week.  We normally don't do much because it's always so cold but this year we ended up going over to some friends' house, had a bonfire, apple cider and set off fireworks.  All of the kids played on the snow hill while we all oh-ed and ah-ed over the fireworks and the Northern Lights which were really out in force that evening.  A few days later the weather cooled off a bit and man, I miss that warm weather!  We got spoiled quickly.

I need to play around with this skirt and proportions, it's really cool with the draping and the asymmetrical hemline but every time I've worn it I've found the high-waist with longer coat thing and I want to try some new silhouette - I think it would look amazing with a draped, asymmetrical turtle neck but I haven't seen any that I've really liked. I just need to play around more with what I have in my closet now. 

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  1. Ahahaha, nice! Nothing like a pretty homemade face warmer :D
    Looks great, and fits in with your boho western style perfect

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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