Monday, January 11, 2016

About Those Jeans

UO Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Helmut Land Coat (ebay)
Gap Button Up (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Ecote Bag
Sandgrens Manhattan Boots c/o Sandgrens

I've had these leather pants for quite a while and I love them more each time I wear them but they did seemed very "statement piece when I first bought them and it's taken me a little while to really get use to wearing them casually. (Hang ups, I have plenty of them.) The more I've worn them the easier they are to style, I think it's just a lot of training my mind's eye to think of them as casual pants. It was the same with when skinny pants finally became a thing in 2010 - retailers tried to push them hard in 2006 but most of us went "uh, no, that will make me look huge!" and it really wasn't until 2010 that they started to gain traction. (Maybe in New York they got big quicker but I didn't see them start showing up in street style blogs, regular blogs or in real life until then.) I think we're starting to see that same push back that happened with the skinny jeans now happening with flares and bootcut jeans. A lot of people are saying "you can pry them out of my cold, dead hands" and "I'll die of the cold when my flares drag through the water" but I think a large part of that line of thought is because we've all trained ourselves to think of skinny jeans as being a flattering silhouette. We're use to a sleek line on the leg and now the extra volume really throws us off and our first reaction is "it's wrong!" It's not wrong, we just aren't use to it yet.

Ok, I have to admit that for a short person, flares aren't the most awesome thing because all. of. the. fraying. at. the. bottom! I did get a little off track there, I was mostly just trying to illustrate that sometimes things can take a while to grow on us just because we aren't use to it and that really was my case with these pants. I knew I loved them and that I would wear them a lot, it just took me a while to really get to that point when I felt like I could style them casually.

About the flares coming back, I do think part of the issue with so many people feeling resistant to them is that it's a different silhouette and because the loose top, skinny bottom look has been so popular, most of our closets are geared towards that.  It's possible but it's also hard to work them into a current closet - just look at the shoe situation.  The past few years have really focused on shoes being a focal part of an outfit and loose bottoms completely cover those up.  Skinny jean are great because you can cuff them and tada - instantly works for almost any height, no hemming needed so many of us have shoes of all different heights.  How do you wear flats with flares?  (Maybe if you are either very tall or very good about getting your pants hemmed.)  Either way, it means most people would need to add new clothes and shoes to their closet to make this new silhouette work and while it does seems like there's a lot of rampant consumerism going on, I've seem a much stronger trend of people being more focused on financial responsibility and "experiences" and clothes consuming being scaled back into the minimal closet or very thoughtful approaches to buying clothes.  Many people are not looking to completely overhaul their closets unless they're n the middle of  lifestyle change or are maybe KonMari-ing their closet.  I think this might make new jean styles aside from the boyfriend/girlfriend/straight-leg jeans have a hard time of really catching on.


  1. amazing outfit and great combo between the black outfit and the white snow

  2. Haha. I protested skinny jeans for so long! I thought they looked ridiculous and I was flares all the way. But then somehow I was persuaded and ended up getting the skinny jean bug and now it's hard to imagine ever going back to flares. But, I'm pretty sure I kept them all stored in a bin at my mom's house, so if they do start coming back, I'll be ready! (If they still fit that is!)

  3. Haha this was actually a great reflection on fashion trends and how we can become accustomed to them over time. I've noticed the push for flares and wide leg pants to return, but I'm quite resistant to them because then I'd have to wear tall shoes again and I've gotten waaaay too attached to my flat boots and sneakers! I'm all about comfort man, especially with all the walking I have to do on campus. But maybe on a weekend if I'm not working...I don't know. I do have a pair of flared jeans that I love, but I can only make it work with my tallest pair of chunky boots. Otherwise I'd be dragging an extra foot of denim around xD
    Anyway! Glad you've gotten used to these metallic jeans. It really works for day-to-day, especially how you have it styled here. It just adds that fashionable touch that doesn't push it over the top but nicely complements what you're wearing. Makes what could've been a simple outfit much more interesting! (but girl, your layering and accessorizing skills are top notch, not a single one of your outfits are "simple" they're AMAZING!)

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