Thursday, January 21, 2016

About Boots

Sorry, the wind was so cold that it was making my eyes water like crazy and yeah, return of the derp face.
Fred Meyer Hat
Woolrich Parka (thrifted)
Free People Sweater (ebay) and Bag (ebay)
J.Brand "Maria" Waxed Jeans (consignment)
Sorrels Caribou Boots (thrifted)

Just a casual, practical winter outfit today. My wonderful Boggs finally died after 8 years of very hard, everyday, all year around use and while I'm trying to decided between a new pair of Boggs or a pair of the Stegers in black, I found these at VV (for $12.49!) and they'll work as a winter boot until then. I don't even know why I'm debating between the Boggs and the Steger, the Farm Boggs are the best boot ever with a insanely comfortable foot bed, are waterproof and the farm ones are insulated - I've worn mine in -60F with wool socks and my feet have never gotten cold. (My husband and I have  opposite kind of feet and his Boggs are the most comfortable shoes he has.) I wore my Boggs in the summer as work boots (with gulp, shorts) and my feet wouldn't get all sweaty, they're just some kind of magical boot. But arrgh, the Stegers are SO cute! Several people I know own them and everyone says they're really comfortable and warm but can they compare to Boggs? No, probably not, I just want them because they're cute.

If you think I'm nuts, just as my husband, he's had to listen to this several times now. I'm sorry honey.

Anyways, Sorrels. I found these in very good shape with minimal wear on the treads and $12.49 was a pretty great deal, seeing as I needed outdoor work boots now. The liners were in good shape but man, I forgot how heavy Sorrels are! (Did I mention Boggs are as light as air?) I wore Sorrels until about 10 years ago when I swapped to Bunny boots and then fake Ugg things from Walmart and then the amazing Boggs. Sorrels are an okay winter boot, they are not really rated to the kind of cold we get in the Interior of Alaska and they aren't great if you live in a wet climate.  I grew up in Seward which is about 120 miles south of Anchorage, right in Resurrection Bay and the rain and snow, they never end.  My family was very outdoorsy, I did a lot of winter sports and I hated my Sorrels because they would get wet very quickly and even with wool socks your feet would get cold and then you'd have to pull the liners out and dry them off in front of the fire and then jam them back into the boot, uuuugh. I will say that they lasted but for wet winters, they just weren't a great boot. I would have thrown mine away with great joy if I'd discovered Boggs at that time.

Fairbanks is quite a different beast from Seward however, our winters are dry and our snow is more powdery than wet so we don't have as much of an issue with the boots getting wet. (Sorrels say waterproof, they are NOT.) The Caribous are not rated to our kind of cold but hey, they're pretty great for warmers day like today. It was only -9F this morning and my feet weren't cold at all. One thing I will say about Sorrels, they are cute when it comes to a winter boot! It does make me laugh that they are now considered a "fashionable" winter boot, there was nothing un-cooler than arriving at school with your Sorrels on - I always took mine off on the bus and tried to be all casual cool in my light sneakers. (spoiler, I was not cool.)

So yeah, if you made it through this wall of text, I'll probably get new Boggs. Someday, ten years from now when Stegers are no longer super cool and popular in Fairbanks, a pair will show up at VV and hahaha, they will be mine!

Just in case you were wondering about Twilight Sparkle in the last picture (you weren't) here's photographic evidence of Pork leaving me a present.  At least this time it wasn't a duck head or a dead squirrel.


  1. Oh, no, I was wondering about Twilight Sparkle. Very much.

    I can't imagine your kind of cold. It was 5 degrees yesterday morning when I left for work & I whined about it all day. I'm lucky though, I can still, mostly, get away with my normal boots and wool socks. I just use my Sorrels for commuting because they salt the living heck out of everything here and it ruins everything.

  2. I need to find a nice durable boot to wear in the winter. The soles always start falling apart on the crappy ones I keep buying!

  3. I have been agonizing over boots myself for the last few months, namely rain boots (hello Oregon, land of perpetual rain). It's so hard to decide between city rain boots/ rain boots that can hike + work in snow. Sometimes I just want one shoe to do everything! Does that even exist? Side note: have you ever had Bean Boots?

  4. Girl read it all. I haven't tried Boggs or Stegers yet. I probably should try the Boggs because my feet gets kinda sweaty when I wear my Timberland. So I am stuck hauling an extra pair of shoes to switch to when I get indoors. Would have to find me a fancy one though ;)



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