Monday, December 14, 2015

Up Staged


Fred Meyer Hat
Topshop Parka (thrifted)
L.L.Bean Wool Cardigan (consignment)
Free People Dress and Bag(ebay)
Dolce Vita Boots (ebay)

Pork wanted to get her modeling on today, I couldn't hardly take any pictures without her photobombing! (and not like she was with the ball game or anything, looking all cute and photogenic, nope, it's just a lot of blurry shots of her butt.)

I really liked this outfit, the print of the wool cardigan ended up really working with the dress' print. I use to really shy away from pairing red and green garments in the past for fear of looking super Crhistmas Tree-ish but it doesn't really bother me now. Earth tone greens look pretty amazing with almost every other color and as long as there's no neons in there to really fudge things up, it's hard to go wrong with. (I don't know what my issue with neons is, some people look really amazing in them but I find myself really drawn to either earth or jewel tones - probably becuase they're just easier to work with!)
Anyways, since Pork went through so much trouble today, here's her highlight reel:

 Pork says, "Yum, I eat Mom's picture marker!  Tastes so piney-fresh!"
 Pork thinks this is her best side
I give up.   Pork's actual name is Dakota but she was such a cute, squishy little pup when we adopted her that we ended up calling her Porkchop and it eventually shortened to Pork.  (Haha, it wasn't a Doug shout out at the time but it's funny how many people remember that cartoon and comment when she gets called Porkchop.)


  1. Girl you kill me (@comment about your Pork's butt). I love your outfit and your hat gives of an arctic vibe :) How do you do it? I find myself wearing more jeans these day. I probably should invest in warm leggings so I can strut more dresses/skirts.



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