Friday, December 11, 2015

On A Winter's Day

American Eagle Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Kenneth Cole New York Coat (ebay)
Isabel Marant Etoile Blouse (ebay)
Kut from the Kloth Jeans (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots
Coach Leather Bag (thrifted - gift)

Wow, another week that just screamed by! I meant to keep posting this week but just never managed to make it into town, we had a lot going on with school, work and the regular house and Christmas time stuff. We still need to bake our Christmas cookies and get them into boxes, I'm pretty sure that's this weekend's activity. We're going to try out a few new types of cookies and make the usual, sugar cookies, gingerbread (although mine is never as good as my godmother's) lemon drops, coconut macaroons and thumbprint cookies. What about you guys, what's your favorite to bake during the holidays? I just bought a cookie magazine at B&N and I'm excited to try a few new ones plus letting the kids pick out a cookie they'd like to make. (Oh gosh, popcorn balls! I totally forgot about those, THEY'RE DELICIOUS!)

This is a pretty easy outfit, jeans, a blouse and boots. I try to make sure all of my outerwear is fairly easy to mix and match so it does seem like I'm wearing the same outfit over and over, I've done some variation of this scarf and coat a couple times now! I did deviate from my usual black skinny jeans, it's some flair jeans for today, although I do think a pair of high waist, black bellbottoms would be amazing in my closet. I have the pair of CoH jeans but they're a low waist and now that I've gone high waist, there's no going back! (No chance of exposure when you bend over, for someone who was a teen during the early 2000's this is life changing. Remember how low the low rises were? Yikes!)

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