Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas (oops)

Free People Hat (gift) and Dress (ebay)
Scarf (consignment)
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay)
Leather belt (thrifted)
Coach Bag (thrifted - gift)
Rag and Bone "Margot" Boots (ebay)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  I'm sort of behind the ball here, it's been a pretty busy week and I just didn't get as many posts scheduled as I wanted to.  It's alright, we had a great Christmas spent with family and the weather cooperated by not dropping to -40, it was a lovely -25 and today it's super warm.  If that's not a cause for celebration, I don't know what it.

These boots have gotten quite a bit of wear - right now these, my two pairs of engineers boots and my UGG shearling clog boots are my most worn lately. I'd looked at these boots for a long time but never really thought about buying them because I don't wear my Harrow boots as much as I'd thought I would and I didn't want to buy an expensive pair of boots I wouldn't wear. But I sold a bunch of stuff that didn't really work for me and when I saw these boots, brand new, going for the price of an Old Navy pair of boots, I kinda couldn't resist. And I am so happy, I love them! I bought them a size larger than my Harrow boots so I can wear thicker socks and they are just so sleek, they really fit a hole within my closet. (I do have a pair of Carlos boots from Famous that I bought a few years ago that are a good copy of the Harrow boots but I love the thick leather on these boots and the comfort is quite a bit better - the heel on the Carlos boots hits at an odd spot on my foot and I end up with a sore spot in the middle of my foot at the end of the day. I didn't realize until I wore these that my foot hurt however, I tried to wear the Carlos boots after wearing these all week and it was like, nope!)

I am supper happy with how nice these photos came out, the light was so perfect and the temps had just started dropping so everything was frosted over and all wintery looking. Well, I guess it's been wintery looking since September - winter does not start at the end of December up here!  Evan was sweet and took these the day we all went to see Star Wars, I suppose I could have really gotten my cosplay on but yeah, behind the ball again.  (Does it count if I had two lightsabers stuck in my purse?)  My sister gave us movie tickets for Christmas and we enjoyed it so much, we're sort of thinking about seeing it again!  Hah, the last movie we saw several times in theater was 300.....apparently it was a big deal for military guys and Evan was really pumped up about that movie.  It's been like what, almost 10 years since that came out and I still can't stand to watch it, there's only so many spray-on-muscles you can deal with and I think I hit my limit the third time.



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  1. These photos are so beautiful, and definitely Christmasy! The pattern and colors on that dress are really pretty. It was 70 degrees on Christmas here. Sickening.. Haha


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