Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Cold Outside

Urban Outfitters Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Jones New York Coat (thrifted)
Vince Sweater (consignment)
F21 Button Up (thrifted) Thermals (not pictured, haha)
Gap Skirt (thrifted)
Rag and Bone "Harrow" Boots (ebay)
D&B Bag (consignment)

Let's see just how many layers I can pack on. It was pretty chilly this day, about -25F but I think I just have adapted to the cold weather so far this year. This was actually pretty warm with fleece tights but I was regretting my choice of footwear, the boots were more fashion than practical this day. (It happens to even the best of us.) This outfit actually looked a lot cuter without all of the layers, I didn't realize how bulky it all looked until I saw the photos! Oh well, at least I was fairly warm, aside from my feet.
I wasn't the only foolish person out taking photos this day, there was two others doing the same! This is over by Creamer's Field by the farm house and old dairy, it's very cute and the setting sun was gorgeous over the field, I can see why everyone was out.  


  1. Your winter narratives always give me a giggle...because I would literally be a crazy person if it dipped below 0 degrees...aha
    But way to face it with layers! Love that scarf and this setting with the Christmas lights - so cute :D

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  2. I love this winter outfit!!
    I truly love sweaters with skirts and blouses <3


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