Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 2015 Budget

1. Free People "Percy" Clog in Metallic - $49.99 on ebay (retailed for $199)
2. Antik Batik Black Dress - $25 on ebay, paid in paypal credit paid $0
3. Topshop Parka - $8.99 - thrifted
Total paid = $57.98 cash , $25 in paypal credit from reselling clothes

First time posting with Franish's Budget Bloggers! I don't normally participate in linkups but I've always loved Franish's budget posts and have been following since she started it. I'm nosey and it's always really interesting to see what other people buy and how good of a deal you can get! I've always meant to join in but alas - laziness or not being on the ball enough meant I slacked off on joining. This year I'm resolving to work aa little harder on the blog and as part of that, I want to start joining up with the Budget Bloggers. (And I like talking about the cool stuff I find.)

My budget varies from month to month, I put aside my tip money and use that as my clothes money for the month and usually if I get a bonus, I'll throw half of that in. However, some months are poor and some months are great so it's never quite the same. I did get about $250 in tips for December but I put most of that towards buying presents. I didn't really thrift this month this Topshop parka was in the men's section and looked like it's hardly been worn. It's a good replacement for my Old Navy Parka which I've had for a while now, the ON one has some large rips and frays in the sleeves that aren't really repairable.

Ugh, you guys know me and clogs - I can't resist them. I bought the black Percy clogs half way during the summer and wore them a ton, they are really comfortable and while thick ankle straps aren't recommended usually if you have cankles, these are actually very flattering on the leg! I love them and I found the black glitter pair for a great price. Now that I have them, I don't think i would pay any more for them because the leather is very odd - it's "crackled" I suppose to give it texture but while it looks cute from a distance, it looks very worn close up. I do like them, I think I'll just be really gentle with the leather.

I love this black Antik Batik dress, the brand has a really great bohemian vibe but after an article came out exposing that the brand was suing to have exclusive copyright to indigenous designs, I don't really feel comfortable supporting them. (It's been tossed around that it was Isabel Marant suing to have copyright over these designs but the Isabel Marant brand is actually the ones being sued by Antik Batik - Marant has admitted to copying the indigenous designs but is not claiming copyright.)

I'm looking forward to future Budget Blogger posts, right now I feel like I have my closet in a good place style wise but I do want to save up for a few things. My Forever21 jacket has done really well for being from, well, F21 but the fake leather is starting to crack off and I would love to find a nice replacement. I've been looking at All Saints' jackets or in a perfect world, a Rick Owens' one but seeing as the RO one resell for crazy prices, I think I would have the best luck finding an All Saints' jacket for a decent price.


  1. This is a fun idea for a post! I am also always intrigued by other people's budgets. That parka was an awesome deal!

  2. Love all of your buys! Welcome to the linkup


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