Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cat Can't Change Her Spots

American Eagle Outfitters Hat and Scarf
Old Navy Coat
Max Mara Cashmere Sweater (consignment)
Fred Meyer Skirt
Prozena Schoulder Bag (consignment)
Rag and Bone "margot" Boots (ebay)

This coat is about the same age as the blog, I bought it just a few months before i started blogging and while my tastes on a lot of the items I wore back then has changed, this has been one of the few things that I still love and don't regret buying. A leopard print coat is usually a bit overload for me but I love the sharp cut of this coat,it seems to have lasted through a few trend cycles and still looks very modern to me. Its' not that much for warmth but this outfit was on a day when the temps rose above 0F so it was okay. Old Navy use to really make beautiful coats, I wish they'd bring back this quality!

How great of a find was this cashmere sweater?  I found it at the consignment store a while back and have worn it a few times, the quality of the cashmere is really beyond anything other sweater I've owned - it's gorgeous and so soft but hasn't pilled at all! I stalk Max Mara stuff on ebay all of the time but never pull the trigger so it sort of felt like karma that I found this one.

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