Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Winter Dressing

American Eagle Outfitters Hat (on clearance now - it's a pretty great hat for $8!)
Fred Meyer Scarf (last year, but lots of cute versions this year as well)
Kenneth Cole New York Coat (ebay)
Winter Kate Kimono (ebay)
Free People slip Dress (ebay - lots of colors on ebay and for cheaper than retail)
Rag & Bone Boots (ebay)
Ecote Bag

Normally this kimono is crazy expensive, even on ebay. A few weeks ago one popped up for really cheap, mostly because it had a small area along the seam where it had been mended but it's not even noticeable, I had to search and search to find the spot when this first came and it became mine! That's typical for ebay however, you'll go through really long stretches where you find nothing and everything is so expensive and then wham, it's like crazy sale time! Right before winter seems to be a good time to look, everyone is getting rid of their summer items and things from a few years ago so if you really look, you can find great deals. I'm so happy about this particular kimono, it lays really beautifully and has a little more weight to it than some of my other kimonos which means it will be a great layering items for winter. I like using my kimonos as cardigans during the winter and I think they can look really cute layered under a long coat. (Bonus - extra layers so your torso, upper legs and butt stay warm! It's still pretty warm, we haven't had any below zero temps yet so I haven't had to break out the fleece lined tights yet.)

Silk is surprisingly warm in colored temps, it's used as a base layer or in long underwear quite frequently. When it's a little chilly, a shirt and a coat don't always cut it for warmth and having that one extra layer can really make a difference, layers really are the key to retaining body heat. You might think the bulkier the layers, the better but that's not necessarily true. A base layer such as a thermal tank or long underwear with a long sleeve, a sweater/cardigan/kimono and a coat over will keep you just as warm as if you go sweater/sweater/sweater/coat. You need a little room in-between layers to trap air, aka thermal insulation. This is why silk is such a great base layer, it has natural wicking abilities and why cotton is so awful in the winter - it absorbs water/sweat and takes forever to dry out. (As the saying goes, "wool great, fur better, cotton - you're dead".)  Thick, fuzzy scarves, not thin cotton ones,  are also great for trapping heat in where normally it might escape through the collar but I'm pretty sure that's common knowledge.


  1. Ok I'm really gonna have to check out ebay for awesome clothes deals. That's such a pretty kimono! Winter layering finally clicked for me this year. I started wearing leggings underneath my jeans and I can't figure out why I've never done this before! I'm not constantly cold anymore!

  2. wow, all that snow.. pretty scary I must say :O I'm not waiting for the snow AT ALL. I hope it just stays away this year, haha. anyway, what I love the most about this outfit is that forest green coat. it's such a beautiful colour! and the kimono is gorgeous too. such a summery piece but looks so perfect in the middle of all that snow. you definitely know how to layer stuff! especially the summery stuff, and still stay warm. nicely done, Katie!

    Maiken - Part of me

  3. Wow, I did not think silk would be warm, but thinking about it, I can see why it'd make a great base layer! I'll definitely try it for my winter layering :D
    Love how colorful you are amidst that dead, snowy background...such beautiful contrast.

    I'm on the Tube!


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