Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunset Comes Early

Free People Hat (christmas gift)
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf and Belt
Urban Outfitters Cardigan (thrifted)
Isabel Marant Entoile Blouse (ebay)
J.Brand "Maria" High rise Jeans (ebay)
Boots (thrifted)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I liked parts of this outfits but I feel like the boots just didn't work, in the deeper snow they were necessary but they made me look a bit stumpy. I think proportion wise, it just didn't work. I sort of feel like that about the cardigan as well, I love this cardigan because the pattern is so cute, it's really warm and soft but it sort of sits in an odd way long my hips if I'm wearing pants. It doesn't seems to look as odd with dresses so maybe it's a dress only cardigan?

However, I looooooooooove this blouse. All of the heart emoji here! (My phone is so old it doesn't even have emoji I'm just copying what the cool people say.) The embroidery on this blouse, it's amazing, it's so deatails and so well done and it goes all the way around the blouse! I'm sure we've all seen those tops in stores that will look really cute from the front and then the back is just a cheap, blank mess but wow, not with this blouse. The cotton is also a really thick, sturdy weave that somehow is still soft and supple - it's just a completely different world from my other blouses, even my Winter Kate ones. I have been drooling over this blouse ever since it came out but it felt like it took forever for it to start showing up on ebay and even then, it was a while before I found one in my price range. I really, really love Isabel Marant's behomian clothes (maybe not those sneakers, although I will admit that none of the rip offs had the nice lines her wedge sneakers sported) and I was so excitied to finally find a few items I could afford. Woo ebay and closet cleans outs!  I do thick next time I'll wear this blouse with something else, black, high waist jeans are sort of my default.


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