Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pretty Casual

Urban Outfitters Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Woolrich Parka (thrifted)
Vince Sweater (consignment)
Joie Cashmere Dress (thrifted)
American Eagle Jeans
Anthropologie Bag (gift)
UGG Boots (thrifted)

Casual Friday at it's finest, although I have to admit most of my Fridays are pretty casual. I just did a lot of running around this day so this was an outfit that was quick to throw on and was warm. I've had this Joie cashmere dress for years and I've never posted an outfit with it, mostly because I never really liked the outfits. (Man, there was periods of just bad outfits!) I do really like wearing it this way, it adds a little extra warmth and I think it's kinda cute layered over jeans, in that odd Alaskan-cute way, sorta like Xtra Tuffs with sundresses. (That doesn't sound cute and yet some people make it really adoreable - maybe because they're not Hunters rainboots?)


  1. That does look like a super warm, and comfy outfit!

  2. Another amazing layered look! In love with that bag!

    Much Love,

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