Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Like Magic

Urban Outfitters Hat
Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Free People Dress
American Eagle Belt
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)
Ecote Boots

Tada, witness my magical abilities to whine enough and make the snow disappear!

Or it could just be that it was a crazy week, we needed to do repairs on our roof and we up having to rip out a large section.  There was a 16x8 HOLE in our roof and had to replace three beams, insulate, sheetrock, mud and tape and replace the roof. It was so, so much fun(not) but I'm really happy we did it and that we did it before the cold hit.  I'm also really tired, doing sheetrock for the ceiling when you're short is...not fun.  However, I took almost NO pictures! Huurrr, hurrr and then work was nuts so old pictures I forgot to upload it is.  Yay!

Anyways, it's an okay outfit if not a little boring. Leather jacket, black tights and boots, check, check and check-a-roo!  I did end up buying new tights however, I usually just buy Leggs from Fred Meyer's ($5.99!) and the tights are normally really durable so I only buy 2-3 pairs a year.  However, all of my pairs ended up getting wreaked in the washer, it's like the washer bleached out huge holes in them - I didn't even put bleach in!  It was really odd and I'd never seen something like that happen but it made the tights look so bad, I ended up just cutting the bottoms off to make boot socks and bought some new ones. 

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  1. Well I really like this outfit! The dress is fantastic with its 70s feel and I think the leather jacket looks great with it.

    I hope next week isn't quite as crazy for you! That sounds like some intense roof repairing.

    Jamie |


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