Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's Here

Urban Outfitters Hat
Scarf (consignment)
Kenneth Cole New York Coat (ebay)
DKNY Cardigan (thrifted)
H&M Belt c/o H&M (2013)
Isabel Marant Entoile Dress (ebay)
Rag & Bone Boots (ebay)
Ecote Bag

I really like how all of these colors came together, I've been trying not to fall into the "all black" trap and darker, more saturated colors like this green coat seems to work really well with creating a visually interesting winter outfit. (I know, it's only been here for a little bit and I'm done. Come back summer!)
I received this belt back in the fall of 2013 as compensation for being part of H&M's 50 States of Fashion and while I wore it a bit that fall, I didn't use it at all during 2014.  I was in the middle of figuring out my style and while I knew I liked the belt a lot, I didn't really know how to work it into my wardrobe.  At the moment, I feel really good about my style and what I have in my closet and this belt has worked so well with my clothes.  It's very opulent looking with the velvet overlay and the gold tone metal so tom, it seems to work better with a fall/winter bohemian wardrobe - it looks so good with maxi dresses, dark,rich colors and velvet.  This dress isn't particularly any of those things but it's pretty and I wanted to do some fun layering with it - long coats are the way to go with long cardigans because the you don't have those "ails" of the cardigan trailing out.  I thin a long cardigan under a short coat can look cute but you really have to play around with styles and proportions to make it look intentional.

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  1. I'm really digging these colors too! That rich green coat is just so lovely and love the scarf with it!
    And yes, I need longer coats because I have quite a few duster-length items that just look awkward sticking out under layers I throw on top of it :/

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