Monday, November 2, 2015

A Dusting

Hat (from Mad Hatter Vendor at State Fair, few years ago)
Old Navy Coat and Tee
Forever21 Flannel (thrifted)
Banana Republic Cords (consignment)
Leather boots (thrifted)
Ecote Bag

I have one flannel that my brother and his gf gave to me a few years ago that I love to wear for working outside, it's one of those shirts that just gets softer and softer each time I wash it. Other than that however, I haven't had a flannel since I was about 17! It seems like most women's "flannels" are actually thin, light cotton shirts that don't really offer any warmth and side from finding a flannel at one of the local outdoor shops, I haven't seen any that I've liked enough to buy. Unlike I found this one at the thrift store that is! At first I thought it was maybe a Pendleton or a Woolrich, the flannel is so think and soft feeling, I was just flat out shocked when I read the tag an realized it was from Forever21. (The tag is the same sort that I've seen on some silk F21 dresses that were made way back in the day though, so they must have had some pretty awesome things once upon a time.) This one fits really well, not too baggy through the body and fitted through the shoulders but it's not body clinging - the plaid is also really cute and not a supper girlie plaid. I get a little tired of retailers always thinking chicks want everything in bright pink or purple, blue is nice as well!
Happy November all, now that October is past the lst few months are really going to fly by!  We've started our Christmas shopping already just because there's so many people in our families and lots to mail out.   I suppose we're late to the party, the stores have already had Christmas stuff behind the Halloween items for a month now. 

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  1. Yikes, thanks for reminding me to keep Christmas shopping in mind...aha, I'm always last minute to that because I like to focus on Thanksgiving (I know, how untraditional of me :b)

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