Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Blogger's Tale

Urban Outfitters Hat
Scarf (gift)
J.Crew Coat (consignment)
Theory Cashmere Cardigan (consigment)
Winter Kate Dress (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (gift)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

I thought this cardigan looked a whole lot cuter until I looked at the photos, it looks so awkward now! I promise in real life, it's cuter and not so bulky aound the middle - I think it just got messed up with all of the layering and I was trying to take pictures so fast I didn't get a chance to fix it. (excuses excuses!) I actually have a sort of funny story about that - this road is super cute and with all of the freshly fallen snow, it was just really scenic looking. We pulled over to take pictures really quick and right as we'd taken a few, a truck pulled up behind us and just waited. I got really uncomfortable so we bailed and took off. Well, we were driving back past it this morning and there were two cars pulled over and people taking pictures there - it was actually the same truck and another car and I'm like 90% sure they were taking blog pictures! (Only 90%, last time I asked a girl taking pictures if she was a blogger she got really red and said she was just building her portfolio but seeing as I've used that same excuse, I'm not so sure.) So now....who's the other Fairbanks blogger? I feel pretty sure there must be more out there beside myself, Lousia and High Latitude Style,  I know I've seen others taking pictures with decent cameras and I'm pretty sure it's not for senior photos.

Ok, that story wasn't as funny as it was in my head - I think it was more that I bailed on taking pictures because I got uncomfortable and it was just someone else taking pictures! That must be like karma or something....


  1. I always get very awkward too when taking outfit pictures.
    I actually take them by myself with a tripod and a self timer and when someone passes by it is just so so AWKWARD ~! Like what the hell is she doing XD?

    Nice outfit btw!
    I envy the snow :(

  2. Haha! I remember one time I had my tripod out taking outfit pictures when somebody walked by, I quickly pretended I was just taking pictures of the landscape and overly dressed for it. I don't think they bought it.. That road does make for some super dreamy photos though :)

  3. Beautiful setting - I can see why other bloggers would head there, too. I really like how the prints from the scarf and dress pop when you have the coat on and buttoned.


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