Sunday, October 11, 2015


Urban Outfitters Hat
L.L.Bean Jacket-Cardigan-thingy (very specific there, I know - consignment)
Forever21 Dress
Cleobella Bag
Free People Clogs (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Belt

Hey there dress! When first bought this dress I was really over the moon about it- I love the fit, the embroidery, the material, the style, everything. At $30, it was a lot to spend on a Forever21 dress but because I make it into a Forever21 maybe once every 2 or 3 years, I didn't mind spending that on something I really liked. And I still like it but I see the big difference now between this and my Free People dresses - while they are all made of this cotton, the F21 material is far more fragile and prone to pilling. All of my Free People dresses I've been able to toss in the washer on gentle but when I washed this, the very first time the entire skirt pilled and the hem ripped along the bottom. I was so bummed out! I did repair the rip and shaved the pills off but I treat the dress very carefully now and to be honest, it's sort of a downer. I know a lot of the Free People clothes are not always worth the full retail prices and that some people have complained with the quality but for the most part, I understand why the pieces are priced the way they are, there is a HUGE difference in the quality of material and I've been really happy with all of my items from there.

After all of that complaining, I do want to say that I still love this dress. It's just so pretty and it's one of the dresses I wear when I'm feeling "eh" and it always makes me feel pretty great. I wanted to work on my sweaters on outerwear this year, most of my coats are pretty old and worn out by this point so I has some luck finding a few coats and sweaters on ebay and at the thrift store. This sweater coat-thing was one of them, doesn't it look so Isabel Marant-ish? For being wool, it's not the least bit scratchy, it's warm and it's slim cut enough that I can layer it under my other coats. L.L.Bean is a really solid company to buy from, all of my outerwear use to be from them. I've had my green snow pants since I was 12 and those poor pants have been to hell and back - I've worn them every day for 8 months at a time, working at barns, teaching lessons, snow shoeing and snow machining and they're rough enough I can even ride bareback in them! (This use to be a fun pastime, my brothers and I would ride our ponies around bareback and try to shove each other off so having non-slippery pants was a huge bonus!)

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  1. I once rode a pony at a circus, it was so cool :D Those pants must be made from adamantium :D
    The sweater coat thing is what caught my eyes, it's amazing, looks super warm and the pattern is breathtaking ^_^ You manage to find all the most awesome second hand clothes, you're even more pro than me, khue khue :D
    Too bad for the dress though, I love Free People, but for that kind of prices doesn't matter if their clothes are quality, they should be able to do the dishes and prepare food as well -_-


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