Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Urban Outfitters Hat
Love Culture Jacket (thrifted
Banana Republic Cashmere cardigan (thrifted)
Free People Dress (ebay)
Dolce Vita Boots (ebay)
Cleobella Bag

I feel like denim jacket and maxi dresses were my "thing" this past summer. It's kind of hard to beat their comfort level and it's literally as simple an outfit as you can get, put on a dress and thrown on a denim jacket over it! There's nothing really special about this jacket, it's a medium wash and is a looser cut but it being such a simple, no frills item has made it a nice completer piece to an outfit.  It's also not the warmest thing so I layered my trusty BR cashmere cardigan under it, it's a cropped style of cardigan and it's been the MVP of my wardrobe the past three years, during the winter I wear I almost every day!  It's really hard to beat natural fibers for warmth and comfort during the winter, with long underwear tank or a long sleeve top, this cardigan, a sweater and a coat, I'm good to go in the -50 below stuff.  
Now that I've managed not to lose my sunglasses after a few days, I understand the difference between the $5 ones and the $300 ones.  I use to be one of those people who say, "why spend so much money on something I'll lose and can replace for $5?) but man, I've had these since the start of the summer and the lens are so scratched up, even after being careful and putting them back in the case when I wasn't using them.  Turns out cheap sunglasses don't even protect your eyes from UV rays because they're just coated with plastic!   I told myself if I can keep track of and take good care of these and my one pair of FP glasses (thus starting a good habit) then I can find a decent pair next summer.

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  1. Love the boho sexy vibes you're giving off with this look. Yes hun, I lost my very expensive pair of glasses in France and ever since, I've been buying cheaper sunglasses that cost no more than $40. Now I don't feel too bad if I scratch, break, or lose 'em lol.



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