Thursday, October 1, 2015


Woolrich Parka (thrifted)
Elizabeth and James Sweater (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Uggs (thrifted)
Free People Bag (ebay)

What is this? Snow pack is September?

Yeah, while people in the lower 48 states are dealing with 90 degree temps, we got our first snow of the season last Friday and it hit hard! Seven and a half inches apparently and while the rain that came over the weekend melted most of it off, the Interior got hit with a storm on Tuesday and over a foot of snow later, our snow pack is here until May. *sigh*  he first snowfall of the season is always really pretty looking, the trees look like a Christmas card with their snow laden branches (so ready to drop across the power lines!) and the ponds start to ice over.

The said storm caused school to be canceled for the Fairbanks borough and the kids had a entire day off to play in the snow. My brother and his girlfriend who are also building their house right next door came over with the four wheelers and took Izzy and Gunnar for a sled right up and down the property. Haha, the kids had so much fun and they only got dump out of the sled a few times - a pretty good improvement from the last time Uncle Jared took them for a ride! Miss Morgan is definitely the better driver. The kids are so lucky that so many of their uncles and aunts live nearby, they get to have so much fun and all of my brothers and their gfs are really awesome and sweet with kids so they have lots of loving family.

I really liked this outfit, I wore it last Friday to meet up with the lovely Louisa and dude, I'm pretty sure I've said awful things about Uggs in the past but I take them all back now. Every single word because these are best boots ever.   As a funny story, I'd actually looked at these very boots about 5 years ago and at the time, the retail price was far too much to spend so I just stared at the in the store every time we passed by. i really liked the clog sole and how the boots could either be worn up or rolled down (like here) and I just thought there were that odd thing that is winter cute. Well, this past month I found these at Value Village with very little wear and yay, mine! They are so, so soft on the inside and even though I sound like a horse clopping around in them, I really love them. I've been wearing them in the snow and they do great in it, they seem to really repel the snow and don't get wet. I still need a new pair of Boggs boots because mine are pretty shot after almost 8 years of hard wear but I was happy to find a new pair of nicer winter boots for really cheap.


  1. the snow omg!
    i love your woolen sweater

  2. I can't believe it snowed already. And so much! I think here in Pittsburgh we're looking at the first of November for our first snow and even that is early to a native Oregonian like me!

    This outfit is wonderful. I love the sweater and you may have sold me on Uggs now that I'm in a snowy climate as well!

  3. What a lovely winter outfit. I love burgundy pants, I wanted to wear mine every day last winter!


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