Monday, October 26, 2015

Red In the Woods

Free People Hat (gift)
Jacket (ebay)
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
Old Navy Tank
J.Brand Waxed "Maria" Jeans (consignment)
Report Leather Boots (thrifted)
Ecote Bag

Okay, I screwed up this jacket. I thought it wrapped around the way I wore it but nope, it goes the other way and it looks so, so much better than here. It's a really cool looking jacket, I found it on ebay through one of the Chinese shops and while I rarely order anything through those, this jacket was super cheap and it just looked cool. In real life, it's actually not that bad, it's like a thick-ish felt/fleece and the seams are pretty solid - I'm just stupid and couldn't figure out how to wear it correctly! I love the color and for the price, I'm pretty happy to have it in my closet, it won't be very warm for the extreme cold but it's okay for the transition weather right now.


  1. Okay, I haven't been popping in as consistently, but when did you change your header? I love it! :D
    Lol and I thought it was pretty cool looking from these photos, so you'll have to take photos in it again soon so I can see the other result! Perfect for coolish weather :D

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  2. I love the bright pop of red against the dark gloomy woods. I actually think the jacket looks quite great here!


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