Thursday, October 22, 2015

On The Ice

Urban Outfitters Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay)
AG Tee (consignment)
J.Brand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Faux Suede Boots (thrifted)
American Eagle Bag

Well, so much for wearing color, here I am in head to toe black again! I really love the look of over-the-knee boots over black pants, I think it look very slick and lean. I bought these boots last year at the thrift store which was a rare find (boots in a size 9!) and I got quite a bit of wear out of them. They have a decent tread on the bottom so I don't slip everywhere on the ice and they're roomy enough that I can layer a few pairs of socks (or long underwear) under them when the weather dips down. I'm fairly short, 5'2, but I don't feel that these boots make me look shorter, most of the time I feel like they're pretty elongating, it's just a matter of what I pair them with. Light jeans seem to be a big no-no, it's just too much of a switch in terms of color value to make it seem cohesive and as long as you go dark on dark or light on light, there's not quite the breaking up of the leg line that you would have otherwise.

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  1. wow, looks so incredibly wintry out there! ice and snow and no leaves on the trees anymore. I'm not ready for that to happen here in Estonia yet so I just hope the cold goes somewhere else this year, haha. anyway, I love it how you've added some colour to your outfit by using the very well matching bag and scarf. it does look effortless and chic.

    Maiken - Part of me


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