Friday, October 30, 2015

No More Falling Back

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I've felt a little off for the past few weeks and it wasn't until a few days ago I realized why, we hadn't had to turn our clocks back an hour! Alaska was one of the states that participated in the Daylight Savings with turning the clocks back an hour in the fall and forward an hour in the spring. The idea was suppose to have given people more hours of light during the day but it doesn't really make that much sense. Last spring however Alaska's legislators voted to have Alaska taken off Daylight Savings and while it can be a bother (Alaska is waaaay behind the East Coast - about 4 hours and as everyone knows, it takes a little planning to call family down in the lower 48 because of the time difference) and taking AK off the Daylight Savings has only exaggerating that time difference. For most of us it's just felt strange, we've all grown up moving the clocks back and to see the moon still high in the sky at 9am feels a little off at this time of year!

Edit: D'oh!  Someone's an idiot and it looks like it's me!  Daylights Savings is apparently no more but it won't start until next year.   It's a good thing you don't get your news from me, you're better off with the internet!

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