Friday, October 2, 2015

Muskrat Love

Urban Outfitters Hat
Old Navy Scarf
Anthropologie Cardigan (consignment)
Coldwater Creek Silk Tee (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Ugg Boots (thrifted)
American Eagle outfitters Bag

So much snow! It does make everything look rather pretty, it was starting to look pretty muddy and dead around here with all of the rain we've been getting. The ponds rose so high just in the past few days, almost a foot! Not as bad as the summer of 2014 when they flooded out our entire road and the water was to the house but still, unusually high. And in a totally unrelated note, some readers might remember me talking about the muskrats that were living in the pond last summer. Well, we'd thought they'd moved on this past summer after not seeing them at all until a few nights ago when I was out taking pictures late. I wanted a shot of the moon and was standing on the bank near the culvert when one of the muskrats popped out of it just inches away from my foot! I as happy to see he was still around, I'd kind of missed seeing them. They look just like really like voles - about the size of a cat and we'd see them quite a bit next to our deck last summer, they were really fun to watch shuffling around. I really enjoy all of the wildlife we get out here, there's a few foxes that pass through, about a million moose who eat all of my raspberry bushes, rabbits, owls, sooooo many Labs and weasels. You might remember me being a dork about moving the dog house and finding the baby weasels under it, I'd made Evan put the house back because I felt so bad about exposing them and there's no point to killing something just because. Well, when we were working on the wood pile a few weeks ago we'd stop to take a break and we saw one of the weasels! He was moving around the wood pile and even with us moving around and talking he was very active and unafraid of us, he'd come right up to me and just stare. Ugh, he was about the cutest. If it'd been a Disney movie, he would have been totally thanking me for saving his family and would have ridden around on my shoulder. (See, I'm a dork. He probably just wanted to see what we were up to and wanted to steal our sandwiches.) It was fun to watch him though and I've seen him running around a few time since. Hopefully he won't become a pest but we keep our garbage up so there's not anything he can really get into.

Anyways, I've just wasted a good five minutes of your morning talking about nothing style related so um, I liked this outfit. As much as I don't like the -50 below zero, I do think this is a sweet spot for dressing right now. I like layers and I think I'm better at this "fall-ish" dressing than dressing for the summer heat, layers give you a lot more freedom in creating an interesting outfit.

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  1. Oooh so pretty! I am so looking forward to snow this year. Hopefully we get some!


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